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The Importance of Professional Stump Removal Services

Stump Removal Services in New JerseyIf you have a dead or dying tree on your property, then a tree removal is a necessary service for keeping yourself and your neighbors safe. But the pursuit of a safe living environment should not stop at a tree removal. You also need to go a step further and get a stump removal after having the majority of your problematic tree removed.

You might think that a stump removal is something you can simply put off or just ignore altogether. After all, it’s not as though you can experience any further problems from that tree after getting it removed, right? Wrong.

A stump can present a number of problems all its own, and these problems can be every bit as bad as the ones you’ll experience from a dying tree, just in their own way. Read on to learn the vital importance of getting a stump removal:

Safety for Your Loved Ones

A dying tree is a pretty obvious threat to your safety since it could fall down on top of something or someone. Even though a stump does not present that kind of problem itself, it does present a number of problems all its own, and these problems can harm you or your loved ones just the same.

These dangers arise because of how hard a stump is to see. Small and dark, stumps can blend into their surroundings. And should little ones be playing around a hard-to-see stump, they could trip over and even into them, suffering some nasty cuts from the jagged pieces of wood. These cuts could become infected from the old wood, so it’s important to get old stumps removed before this can occur.

Prevention of Insect Infestations

Another problem that stumps present is that they can become a veritable buffet for creepy crawlies. As stumps begin to decay, they could attract all sorts of nasty bugs to your property — spiders, beetles, etc. These bugs can carry diseases and even be aggressive, presenting another concern for those of you with curious little ones.

But little ones are not the only potential victim of the creepy crawlies that a stump can attract. After all, some of these creepy crawlies can be termites. Should termites become attracted to an old stump on your property, they might work their way to your home, where they could cause some serious damage. Thus, you’ll want to remove old stumps before you could find yourself contending with termites.

Preservation of Your Property Value

Of course, damage to yourself and your home is not the only potential threats that come with having an old stump on your property. Your property value could also face some damage, as could your curb appeal. After all, an old stump is an eyesore. No buyer wants to pay top dollar for a home that sports such an eyesore.

When you put your home on the market, you’ll want to get the best possible price for it. The only way to command that kind of price is to keep your home looking its best. To be sure your home looks its best so that it enjoys the best curb appeal and resale value, get old stumps removed before putting it on the market.

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