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Types of Tree Diseases Present in New Jersey

tree diseases new jerseyA healthy and vibrant tree is a thing of beauty. These living organism are a unique fixture of any property. If you have lived in your family home for long enough, many of your trees have grown up alongside your children. You should take the time and effort to protect your trees from harm, such as various infestations and tree diseases in New Jersey.

One of the most common problems that affects the health of trees is disease. If you have noticed that a once beautiful tree is looking less full and healthy, your tree may be suffering from disease or infestation. At McCabe’s Tree Experts, our New Jersey tree service professionals are here to help you in this regard. We can identify the precise problem and help you treat it in the best possible manner.

In order to help you identify trees that have been stricken by diseases, our experts have provided the following information. Here are some common tree maladies that are present in the New Jersey area. If you notice any of these issues, call our professionals for help today. We will work our hardest to restore your tree to the healthiest condition possible.

Anthracnose Disease

Anthracnose disease is very common in the New Jersey area. If left untreated, this disease can seriously jeopardize the health of your trees. Tell tale signs of anthracnose are discoloration and shriveling of leaves and flowers. Also premature loss of leaves and lesions are another indicator of this type of tree disease.

Apple Scab

Apple scab is another common tree disease in the New Jersey area. This generally manifests as black discoloration or lesions on the leaves of a once healthy tree. Again, if left untreated, apple scab can present a significant threat to the health and stability of your trees.

Dutch Elm Disease

Yellowish discoloration and shrivelling leaves are common signs of Dutch elm disease. If you have elm trees on your property that look stressed, this may be the cause. The disease is a fungus that is spread by a beetle, so if it is present on one elm tree on your property, it can soon migrate to others.

New Jersey Tree Disease Experts

If you are concerned that your trees may be suffering from an infestation or disease, you should contact our New Jersey tree care experts as soon as possible. We will be able to inspect every tree on your property in order to determine the exact cause of your problems and the best course of treatment and action. With our help, you can keep your trees healthy and vibrant at all times.

If you need to hire a professional tree service company for diseased tree care in New Jersey, call McCabe’s Tree Experts at 908-482-7772, or fill out our online request form.

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