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Smart Tips for Summer Care For Your Trees

tree trimming in WarrenHomeowners in Warren, NJ take great pride in their homes and that includes the landscaping. One a big part of that landscaping is the variety of trees that can be found on just about every property here.
Of course, your concern as a homeowner is keeping those trees looking the best. Learn more about how to do that successfully so your trees will look their very best, all year long.

Summer Plans for Your Trees

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can take care of these tasks and make a big impact on your trees:

  • For your trees that flower in the spring, light pruning can make a big difference. Also, cut away diseased or dead branches. However, do not do too much trimming in the summer as this can hurt plants and trees.
  • If you missed the spring mulching, it is not too late and is certainly better than not doing it at all. This process is essential for reducing the development of weeds, helps retain soil moisture and stabilizes the temperature of the soil.
  • Monitor for pests and treat, if necessary. The sooner you discover a potential problem, the more likely you are to be able to deal with it as opposed to watching it get worse. Keep in mind though, once a problem is bad enough to be able to spot it with an untrained eye, it is often already bad. Let a tree service professional inspect your trees to avoid a problem from taking hold.
  • Prepare for violent summer storms by having your trees assessed. This means cutting away dead or dying limbs and bracing or cabling others that are in a weakened state.

In other words, contact the team at McCabe’s Tree Experts for quality service. We will provide you with the same great service we have been known for since first opening our business in 1985.

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