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How to Prepare and Repair Your Trees After a Storm

Storms cause tree damageHillsborough homeowners are happy to have trees and other vegetation on their property until disaster strikes. Damage is a possibility regardless of the health of your trees, so establishing a relationship with a reputable tree service company is important for the times when you require emergency storm service.

After a major storm occurs, homeowners must deal with the cleanup that includes debris clearing, yard cleaning, and tree removal. These tasks present a high level of risk, and the potential for bodily injury and additional property damage is fairly high. Therefore, homeowners are urged to reach out to lawn care professionals who have the appropriate training and equipment to handle such an extensive cleanup endeavor.

Preparing for a Storm

  • Examine trees for potential hazards such as decay, leaning, and cracking.
  • Prune branches, and remove damaged limbs.
  • Contact a tree service contractor to assess and remove limbs near utility lines.
  • Have a tree service company in mind so that you can request assistance quickly after a severe storm.


Recovering After a Storm

  • Look out for hanging branches and broken limbs.
  • Stay away from trees leaning against or fallen next to power lines.
  • Inspect trees for damaged limbs, trunks, and crowns.
  • Hire a tree service contractor to restore trees.
  • Don’t attempt to tackle storm recovery tasks alone if you don’t have lawn care experience.

Storms can use trees as a tool for destruction, and strong winds can cause tree limbs to puncture roofs and windows, resulting in water damage. Whether your Hillsborough lawn experiences minor damage or complete devastation as a result of a storm, don’t rush to clean up the mess. The restoration effort presents serious hazards, so it’s always best to seek help from an experienced tree service company like McCabe’s Tree Experts after a storm.

If you have fallen trees or debris on your property and need emergency storm cleanup services, please call 908-482-7772 or complete our online request form.

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